Empowering You To Empower Yourself

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Sometimes it may feel like there's another part of you who makes you feel and do things you know aren't right. By using hypnotherapy, I can communicate directly with the part of your mind that controls how you feel. It's like we open the gate to that part of your mind, allowing your habits and emotions to be transformed with ease. Would you like to feel differently about something but can't seem to make it happen? Hypnotherapy could be ideal for you. It's safe, effective, very enjoyable, and you're in control the entire time.

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Does your imagination sometimes run away with itself?What if your thoughts and images were something you could take control over? NLP is the science and art of communication with ourselves. With a vast array of tools and techniques that you can learn, NLP can help anyone to take more control of their mental and emotional state at any moment of the day. Would you like to change how you feel when you picture that thing you fear or crave so much? NLP can help you achieve this. It's quick, easy and enormously empowering.

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Have you noticed that sometimes what you think impacts how you feel and what you do? Of course. It's like you battle with yourself and often the bad side wins. CBT all comes down to training yourself to think and do differently. Unlike the old "just think positive thoughts", CBT works. It gives you the power over the old unhelpful ways of thinking so that you take true control in a way that's been scientifically proven. It helps you to see through the dense forest of your own mind. No more rumination! No more believing the nonsense! No more being controlled by negative thinking! This approach isn't just effective, it's incredibly empowering to have the tools to change yourself. If only we were taught this as children.

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Despite having its roots in ancient traditions, mindfulness has arguably become the fastest growing scientifically validated field of psychology worldwide. Now being used so widely in hospitals and schools, to the boardrooms of major tech companies, to prisons, sports fields and the battle field, mindfulness has taken the world by storm. Partly because of the power of it's benefits, partly because of the breadth of it's benefits, and partly because of it's simplicity. Mindfulness is the only truly validated way of training the brain itself, physically growing parts of your brain that help with calm, concentration, confidence, decision making, self awareness and so much more. Mindfulness will one day become as common as exercise is today.